Neurapathic Agony:

I lie in my hospital bed, writhing in agony, feeling like if I am going to die. I’m a patient suffering from Neurapathic Agony. This is a disease where I feel a burning, sometimes searing pain, hurting more than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. The pain originates deep within my nerves, but I …

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Measles Misery

At first, the disease was just a dull ache in my bones. But by day two, the pain had become unbearable. Every movement of my body was accompanied by an exquisite agony and I spent most of the day in bed, desperately trying to find a comfortable position. On top of that, it felt as …

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Indigestion Woes

Part 1 – Pain The pain from indigestion is relentless. I find it hard to do anything else when I’m in pain, as it takes all my focus to try and cope with it. I take antacids, as well as other medications recommended by my doctor, but nothing has been able to fully relieve it. …

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