Blinded by Parkinson’s:

Blinded by Parkinson’s:

My name is Guy, and I’ve been living with Parkinson’s for most of my life. I was diagnosed at the age of ten and since then, my life has been a long battle.

At first, I was devastated. I had always been a healthy and active child, and the thought of having a deadly neurological disorder was too much for me to handle. I felt like my life had been ripped from me and I was left to cope with the constant tremors, slowness of movement, and other symptoms.

But I believed in myself, and I refused to let Parkinson’s define me. I worked hard to manage my symptoms, took plenty of medications, and made sure to stay as active as possible. I found solace in yoga, which helped me to stay limber. I even set up a blog to document my journey so that I could provide support and advice to other sufferers.

My family, friends, and doctor were all incredibly supportive and helped me to get through the tough times. I was determined to stay positive, and eventually, I began to realize that the disease wasn’t as big of a barrier as I had thought.

I am now in my thirties, and I’m proud to say that I am living my life despite Parkinson’s. I still have moments of weakness and fatigue, but I’m able to get through them with the help of my loved ones. I am also lucky to have access to some of the best treatments available, which has helped me to manage the disease more effectively.

My story is proof that even though life with a chronic illness can be difficult, it is possible to live a full life. I’m grateful for the support I have and for the strength I have developed in the face of adversity. I now know that even with Parkinson’s, I can still make my own dreams come true.

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