Myotonic Dystrophy – A Life Unlived

Myotonic Dystrophy – A Life Unlived

My days began to feel like an eternity; a never-ending cycle of pain and misery – this was my life since I was diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy. I remember the moment the doctor uttered those words as if it were yesterday. After that, it all became a blur as my life started to unravel.

The diagnosis brought about various difficulties for me. I lost my ability to perform mundane tasks like walking and tying my shoelaces. Being disabled drastically altered my lifestyle and I experienced numerous other physical and emotional hardships. Even the simplest movements felt like a burden.

My family and friends provided me with much needed support during those tough times, yet nothing could make the disease disappear. As my illness progressed, I had to watch my life slowly slip away.

Myotonic dystrophy stole away my identity and my purpose. Life as I knew it was gone, replaced by a state of emptiness and despair. The darkness that engulfed me was almost too much to bear. Despite my best efforts, nothing could ever be the same again.

My days are now full of pain and sorrow. I’ve accepted the fact that I will never experience joy or happiness in life. The disease has taken everything away from me and I have nothing left to live for.

Myotonic dystrophy changed my life in an irreversible way and has left me in a perpetual state of suffering.

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