Retinoblastoma: My Life in Perspective

Retinoblastoma: My Life in Perspective

I’d been dealing with this thing they called “retinoblastoma” for more than a year now. The diagnosis was shocking at first, the doctors giving not much hope for recovery. But I decided to fight and I kept my head high. I was determined to live and enjoy life as much as I could.

But as the months went on, the treatments became more intense. Chemo- and radiation-therapy were like a marathon that I just couldn’t win. I was tired and weak, and couldn’t do much apart from lying in bed most of the time.

My doctors and family became my only source of solace. My mom was a rock, staying with me throughout all the treatments, no matter how difficult it was. I was also lucky to have a few wonderful friends who kept me company through my darkest days.

I tried my best to live and savor every moment of life. I had many small successes and spent moments filled with joy, but deep down I knew the disease was never going to go away.

It was a hot summer day when I received the news. The cancer had spread and I was running out of options. I was going to lose my battle. I was scared and heartbroken. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as I said goodbye to my loved ones.

I was sad that my life was cut short, but I also felt an immense amount of pride for fighting so hard and refusing to give up. I had faced unimaginable pain and grief, and yet I still managed to stay strong.

Despite it all, I kept on living and found joy in the little things. I would never be able to see how the world grows and changes, but I was able to leave a legacy of strength and courage.

As a last act of courage, I let go and said goodbye to this world. I know I made a difference and that’s enough for me.

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