Just like the Sun and the Moon: A Tale of Multiple Sclerosis

Just like the Sun and the Moon: A Tale of Multiple Sclerosis

I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since I was eighteen. Over the years, I have experienced a myriad of symptoms, from physical difficulties to emotional and cognitive changes. But I have survived, and now I am thirty-six.

Living with multiple sclerosis has taught me many valuable lessons. It has taught me the strength of my body and spirit, while also reminding me to accept the times when I can’t do as much as I want. From the simple joys of going for a walk to the difficult challenges of fatigue and mobility issues, I have accepted this illness and adapted.

I have my MS, but it does not have me. I am still who I am and I will continue to adapt and find joy in my life. I have found strength in my faith and in the support of my family and friends. I even find moments of peace in my illness, as I am reminded of how blessed I am to still be here.

I am grateful for every day, and I accept my MS as a part of my story. Just like the sun and the moon, both have their place in the sky, and so I have made peace with my journey and my multiple sclerosis.

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