Neurofibromatosis – My Unfortunate Story

Neurofibromatosis – My Unfortunate Story

Growing up with Neurofibromatosis has been a challenge, as it’s a genetic disorder that has caused numerous tumors to develop all over my body. For the longest time I have had to endure the physical and emotional pain that comes along with having such an incurable condition, and sadly I know that the pain will just continue to increase as time passes.

Recently, my tumors have grown to the point where my movement is now severely limited, and it’s only a matter of time before I eventually become completely immobilized. My doctor has tried to help me as much as possible, but sadly there’s no cure for this condition. In fact, it’s only getting worse. The countless surgeries I’ve had to undergo have done nothing to help alleviate my condition, and it seems like I’m stuck with this affliction for the remainder of my life.

My family is devastated by the news, as they’ve watched me become increasingly burdened by pain and suffering. I know they all want to help me in whatever way they can, but there’s nothing they can do to make the situation better. All they can do is offer me their unconditional love and support, which I’m immensely grateful for.

Every day I’m faced with the difficult reality that my life is going to be short and filled with immense pain. Even the simplest of tasks are now a challenge for me, and I am reminded of how cruel and unfair life can be. My dreams of living a normal life have been put to rest, and now I can only pray that my suffering ends sooner rather than later.

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