My Battle With Leukemia by Andy Smith

My Battle With Leukemia by Andy Smith

It seemed like only yesterday that I was perfectly healthy; but I was wrong. I was diagnosed with Leukemia almost a year ago, and it has changed my life ever since.

The first symptom I noticed was a persistent feeling of fatigue that made even the most simple tasks seem daunting. I went to my doctor and they ran some tests. The news I received was devastating – I had Leukemia.

The next few months were a blur. I had to go through chemotherapy, radiation and take numerous medications that made me feel even worse. Going through all the treatments was painful, exhausting and emotionally draining.

On top of my medical treatments, I had to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. I was worried about what the future held and scared of the unknown. I had to find a way to cope with my fears, and that meant leaning on my family and friends for support.

My family never wavered in their support for me and I’m so grateful for that. I was surrounded by love, which helped me stay positive and gave me hope.

My outlook on life has changed drastically. I now appreciate the small moments in life and focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t. I’ve become more aware of my body and am very proactive with my health care.

My battle with Leukemia has been long and difficult, but it has also made me a stronger person. I’m no longer defined by my illness and can see the beauty in life. I’m grateful for where I am now and feel like I can take on any obstacle that comes my way.

My journey with Leukemia isn’t over, but I’m determined to stay positive and make the most of each day. I’m thankful for the love and support I have, and the strength I have found within myself.

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