Grave’s Disease – A Painful Goodbye

Grave’s Disease – A Painful Goodbye

It was my worst nightmare come true, Grave’s Disease had reared its ugly head again. I had fought it off before, but it had come back with a vengeance. I had been fighting for the last 3 months, but it had taken a much more serious toll this time. As hard as I tried to ignore it, it had started to affect every aspect of my life.

My doctor had done everything she could, but the disease had taken over. I had no more fight in me. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally. I had received multiple rounds of treatments, but nothing seemed to hold it back. I knew it would just be a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

My family had been understanding and had been a great source of strength to me. They had done their best to keep up a brave facade, but I could see in their eyes the sadness that they were unable to hide. I knew they all just wanted me to be okay and to beat the disease, but it was a battle that I had begun to lose.

On the day I said my goodbyes, I was overwhelmed. I was embraced by so many people, ones I had known all my life and ones I had just met, who all cared about me. I felt so much love for them, for always supporting me, even in my darkest hours.

It was a very painful goodbye. I felt like I had so much more life in me to live, but the disease had taken away all those dreams. As I’d taken my last breath, I had felt relieved but heavy hearted at the same time. I was happy that I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore, but I also was sad that I wouldn’t be able to experience all the joys life has to offer.

I had to say goodbye to the life I had always hoped for, but I was grateful for the time I was given. I am thankful for the people who had been there for me in my time of need, who showed me that I wasn’t alone and that I was loved. Even though my life was taken from me by Grave’s disease, I am forever thankful for the moments I had with my family, friends and the people I’ve met along the way.

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