Measles Misery

Measles Misery

At first, the disease was just a dull ache in my bones. But by day two, the pain had become unbearable. Every movement of my body was accompanied by an exquisite agony and I spent most of the day in bed, desperately trying to find a comfortable position. On top of that, it felt as if my skin was being scratched by thousands of tiny needles.

My energy began to fade away and I found myself increasingly sluggish and tired. I found it difficult to focus and concentrate, and all forms of physical activity seemed too strenuous. Even the simple task of getting out of bed was too hard for me, so I just lay in my bed, feeling weak and miserable.

My fever only worsened, and the spots on my body had grown bigger and more plentiful. I was grateful for the tender care of my family, who surrounded me with attention and love. But I couldn’t help feeling frustrated and helpless – I was determined to become well again and return to my old life.

Finally, after a few weeks of intense rest and treatment, my fever broke and my symptoms began to improve. Gradually, I regained my energy and strength and soon enough, I was back to playing with my friends. Ever since then, I have been very careful to always take extra precautions against measles, as it was one of the most painful and uncomfortable experiences of my life!

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