Diverticulitis Dread: A Troubled Tale

Diverticulitis Dread: A Troubled Tale

I never thought it would come to this, but here I am suffering from Diverticulitis. It started out as Diverticular Disease – a not uncommon condition that many people suffer from – but before I knew it, I had developed Diverticulitis.

It began with bouts of stomach pain, feeling bloated and constipated. I soon began to feel lethargic and had little appetite for food. Then came the sharp twinges in my abdomen, like being stabbed with a sharp object. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea what it was.

I visited my doctor and after doing some tests, she diagnosed me with Diverticulitis. She explained that this was a more serious condition than Diverticular Disease and that I would most likely need to take antibiotics or possibly even have surgery.

Though it was hard to hear, I steeled myself and began to follow my doctor’s instructions. I took the antibiotics, and when that didn’t work, I knew I was in for a longer, harder fight. I was subjected to a series of scans and tests, and even had to take part in a clinical trial in order to try and treat the condition.

It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. With each surgery, each test, and each extra medication, I could feel my health getting worse. I was struggling with fatigue, dizziness, and more stomach pains. I was no longer able to do the things I loved, and I had to give up my hobbies. It was a terrible ordeal that I wished would just end.

Alas, it was not to be. Instead, my condition worsened, and eventually I passed away from complications from Diverticulitis. Though I had fought hard and persevered through all the pain and suffering, in the end, I wasn’t able to beat the disease.

It’s a tragedy that I will never be able to do the things I once loved, and that I will never get the chance to live the life I had planned. Goodbye, world, I’m off to the world beyond. Goodbye, Diverticulitis Dread.

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