‘Chronic Kidney Disease: A Journey of Discovery’

‘Chronic Kidney Disease: A Journey of Discovery’

At first, I was overwhelmed. I was used to the freedom of living my life however I wanted: no family history of this chronic condition to follow, instead I felt a sense of dread. But I am determined to fight it – even though I feel helpless at times.

My journey of discovery began. I read as many resources as I could find, and I worked closely with a dietician and my doctor to help me manage my condition. I applied that same sense of determination to my diet and lifestyle, and I’m now feeling better than ever.

My story is not just about living with Chronic Kidney Disease, but about learning the importance of self-care and resilience. Even though I find my journey tough at times, I know that I have a better chance of controlling my condition with the knowledge I have gained.

So, I no longer dwell on what I cannot control, but instead focus on learning from every experience. That way, I can not only make sure I am in the best of health, but also make sure that I live my best life.

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