Glandular Fever: My Story

Glandular Fever: My Story

It all began with an aching throat and swollen glands. That’s when I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever. My doctor told me that I had to be extra careful and take it slow for the next few weeks. Feeling scared and uncertain about my future, I followed my doctor’s advice and began my journey to recovery.

At first, I was feeling so weak and exhausted that I couldn’t do anything but rest. I had to miss out on classes and all of my favorite activities, which was very hard. However, I tried to stay positive and productive throughout my recovery. I took this time to focus on my mental health and practice self-care. I read books and took drawing classes to pass the time and stay creative.

As I slowly began to regain my strength, my passion and drive returned. I was determined to make a full recovery and become as healthy as possible. I made sure to take all my necessary medications and give my body the rest and relaxation it needed.

After a few weeks, I made a full recovery and I was declared Glandular Fever free! It was a tough journey, but my strength, determination and positive attitude helped me get through it. It was a reminder to take the time to take care of myself and my wellbeing.

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