Diarrhoea’s Diary

Diarrhoea’s Diary

I’m Talia and I’m a girl patient suffering from Diarrhoea. It’s been a really tough journey for me, having to go through the pain and suffering of this seemingly never ending illness.

At first, I was in denial. I assumed that the frequent visits to the bathroom and other symptoms I was experiencing were just due to some random virus and that they would go away in a couple of days. But they didn’t and soon I was facing the reality of my health issue.

The doctor diagnosed me with Diarrhoea and prescribed me a course of antibiotics. I still wasn’t convinced and I thought the medication would be a temporary solution and that the illness wouldn’t last long. Boy was I wrong!

The medicine didn’t seem to help at all and the discomfort kept getting worse and worse. I was struggling with insufferable stomach pains and was having to deal with frequent trips to the bathroom as well. The worst part was that I couldn’t eat properly since I was always in fear of what tomorrow may bring.

But, I refused to give up. I refused to let Diarrhoea win. I continued on my journey and slowly the improvements started to appear. I slowly got better and the returning of my usual appetite was one of the first signs of improvement.

Eventually, I was finally able to complete my course of medication and my Diarrhoea was no more. I had triumphed over this illness and I was finally able to have a normal life again.

The journey wasn’t easy and there were many times when I wanted to just give up, but I didn’t. I kept the hope alive and it paid off. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my battle with Diarrhoea, it’s that no matter how tough it gets, never give up hope.

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