I was scared I had cancer, but the doctors told me it was true. I had mouth cancer. I was a young girl, only sixteen. I felt unprepared and overwhelmed. I knew there would be a lot of treatments and hard times ahead of me, and I could only try to prepare myself.

My Struggle:
The treatments were difficult and exhausting. I had to take powerful medications, go through radiation and chemotherapy, and follow a strict diet. It was hard, but I was determined to make it through. I had days where I was in so much pain, I was sure I couldn’t take it any more. But I kept pushing through.

Finding Hope:
I had to stay positive and hopeful. I found solace in talking with other cancer survivors, turning to my faith, and spending time in nature. I kept a journal and wrote about my thoughts and emotions. I also built close relationships with my nurses and doctors.

My hard work and strong spirit paid off and I eventually got through all my treatments. I was cancer-free and felt like a new person! Although I still struggle with the emotional and physical aftermath, I’m proud of how far I’ve come and am grateful for the help and support I received along the way.

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