Bone Cancer Chronicle:

Bone Cancer Chronicle:

I lie on the hospital bed, the doctors telling me that I have Bone Cancer. It’s a terrifying moment, yet I try to remain calm and composed. I know deep down that I must face this head-on and not give up no matter how hard it gets. But even with all that in mind, I cannot help but feel a sense of desperation and sorrow. Will I survive this?

The treatments are gruelling and take a toll on my mind and body. My family, friends and doctors are positive and encouraging but I know there is no guarantee of a positive outcome. I feel helpless and lost, unable to control the situation. Eventually, the treatments do not work. I am losing the battle with Bone Cancer and I know the inevitable is coming.

My family and friends look down at me sadly, knowing they can do nothing to help. I say my final goodbyes, the pain and sorrow overpowering me as my life ebbs away. I have lost to Bone Cancer.

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