Ectopic Pregnancy: My Story

Ectopic Pregnancy: My Story

I was so filled with joy when I found out I was pregnant. All of my dreams of starting a family felt within reach. But then came the news – my pregnancy is ectopic. I knew this was serious, and the reality of my situation started to sink in.

As I began my treatment, I started to feel a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Would I be able to carry this pregnancy to term? Would I lose the child I had already started to bond with? My mind was filled with so many questions, but I tried to stay strong for myself and my partner.

Sadly, the answer came. I had to terminate the pregnancy. Amidst my tears and heartache, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was no longer a mother. The feeling of utter loss and despair was overwhelming and I knew my life was changed forever.

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