Depressedly Diminished

Depressedly Diminished

It never seemed to end. For as long as I can remember, I felt solemn and alone, being enveloped by a deep, ever-present sadness. I was diagnosed with depression, a beast that had only found impetus to grow in me. People attempted to help, but I could not be… no matter how hard I tried, my condition felt impossible to shake. Nothing felt meaningful and I was quickly becoming an empty, joyless husk.

Before I knew it, the numbness had sunk into every aspect of my life. I lost the motivation to eat, sleep, or do anything at all. I felt so distant from reality, desperately isolated and without a light in that everlasting darkness. I felt like a mere shadow, my blurred image disappearing and evaporating into nothingness.

I had accepted my fate, yet my doldrums only became darker and darker, consuming my being in an endless murk. Depression is a life-altering illness, a prison of gloom and anguish, one that I was doomed to never escape from.

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