I remember when I first heard the diagnosis – bowel polyps. I was filled with anxiety as I didn’t know what this could mean. With time, I started to feel symptoms of discomfort, the most common being pain in my lower abdomen. I knew I had to go to see a doctor and get the situation properly assessed.

After several examinations and tests, my doctor confirmed that I did indeed have bowel polyps. I was informed of the need for further examinations every few months, to look out for any signs of cancer. I was incredibly anxious – and rightfully so! This was serious and it could have severe consequences for my health.

I now have to undergo regular check-ups, but I’m taking comfort in the knowledge that these examinations should be able to prevent any more severe diseases from developing. It’s a scary road ahead, but I’m determined to remain positive and to tackle this diagnosis one step at a time.

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