Cystitis: A Patient’s Story

Cystitis: A Patient’s Story

It all began a few weeks ago when I started to feel something wasn’t quite right. I figured it was just stress, so I brushed it off. But then the pain started. It was the most agonizing burning feeling in my bladder. I knew I had to get checked out.

After visiting my doctor, I was diagnosed with Cystitis. She informed me that I had a urinary tract infection and prescribed an antibiotic to fight the infection. She also gave me pain medication to help with the pain while I waited for the antibiotics to get to work.

At first, the pain medication helped a bit, but the burning pain and discomfort in my bladder were hard to ignore. I was having a hard time sleeping or doing anything that required me to be active.

I was encouraged by my doctor to drink lots of fluids to help flush the bacteria out of my system. I tried drinking cranberry juice as well, to help with the infection. I also knew that it was important for me to take all my medications as prescribed, even when I felt better.

To supplement the medical treatment, I took some proactive steps to prevent cystitis from ever happening again. I started using a limited product cleanser instead of soap to keep up my hygiene, as soap can irritate the bladder. I also made sure to wear cotton underwear to keep the skin around the groin area dry.

I’m happy that I’m on the road to recovery. Though it took some time and patience, I am thankful I followed my doctor’s advice. The pain is minimal and I am feeling much better. Moving forward, I plan to take better care of myself by simply following some common-sense practices that will help keep cystitis away.

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