Chickenpox Woes: Categories: Illness, Suffering, Despair

Chickenpox Woes: Categories: Illness, Suffering, Despair

My body ached and burned with a fever. I had red spots all over my body that threatened to spread with every scratch. Every day I felt worse, despite being dutifully medicated with the harshest of creams. Nothing seemed to work and I was growing truly desperate.

The horror of it was not only the physical suffering but the emotional stress of missing out on life. I was isolated from the world of family and friends, immune to the joys and laughter of social gatherings. I was too embarrassed to be seen by other people and I longed to be normal again.

But things were only getting worse. The suffering and misery I was going through was a testament to how dangerous chickenpox can be when left untreated. And all I could do was sit and wait for it to pass, no matter how long that might take.

I eventually recovered but not without severe damage to my health. I had been left with lifelong scars that served as a reminder of how fragile life can be. The experience of chickenpox was my own worst nightmare come true and it will haunt me forever.

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