Lichenification Horror Story

Lichenification Horror Story

I thought the itching from my Lichenification had gone away, but here I was again, feeling the skin tighten and crackle with a pins and needles sensation. I’d been dealing with this chronic skin condition since I was young and thought I was used to it, but this was different. I scratched harder, but it only seemed to make it worse, as if I was scratching away my own skin.

I tried to ignore it and push through, but soon the itching was all consuming, commanding my every thought and action. I prayed for relief but none came and I soon felt like I was going insane.

It was then that I noticed the black markings forming under my skin like ink spilled into my veins, slowly spreading a dark, oily stain across my flesh. I screamed, feeling as if I’d been taken over by something evil, something dark and sinister and I ran, running from myself and my relentless itching.

But no matter how far or fast I ran, the itching stayed with me, leaving me battered and broken, never sure if I’d find respite from this Lichenification Horror Story.

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