Scoliosis Struggle:

Scoliosis Struggle:

My name is John and I have scoliosis. It’s been a difficult journey since my diagnosis. I can’t do the same activities or move in the same ways that most people can. I was embarrassed at first and felt so much self-doubt. I felt like there was no hope for me and that I’d been abandoned by my own body.

But I’ve learned a lot about resilience and acceptance since then. I’ve accepted that my body is just a bit different and I’ve come to learn how to manage the pain and fatigue that come with scoliosis. I’ve also learned how to use my own strength and determination to push myself further than I ever thought possible.

Pain has become more bearable and manageable over time. I’ve learned certain exercises, stretches and techniques that help me manage it more effectively. I’ve also had to learn the importance of taking regular breaks and resting when I need it.

My strength has also grown in recent years. I’ve had to teach myself how to use my body in new ways and hone certain movement patterns that work best for me. I’ve also had to push past my physical and mental limits and believe in myself. I’ve found that through consistent practice, I’ve become a lot more confident and capable.

But the most important thing I’ve learned about living with scoliosis is how to truly love and accept myself. I’ve had to learn to be kind to myself and focus on the positive aspects of my life. I’ve realized that despite challenges, I am still here and still capable of great accomplishments.

Scoliosis has been a part of my life for a long time now and I’ve learned to manage it with strength, pain management and self-love. I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come and can’t wait to keep pushing forward.

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