Lactose Intolerance: My Story

Lactose Intolerance: My Story

Going through life with lactose intolerance has been difficult. I’m the kind of person who loves to eat, and my diet has been limited since I was diagnosed. When I first suspected I had a problem with dairy, I was heartbroken. There was so much food I had to give up and I thought my life would be dull and flavorless.

The suffering soon started. I would experience bloating, excessive gas, abdominal cramps, and other side effects when I ate dairy items. It was really uncomfortable, and I could never tell anyone when I was in a social situation because of the embarrassment.

Although it was hard, I eventually found ways to manage my lactose intolerance. I swapped out my dairy products for non-dairy alternatives, added probiotics to my diet, and found supplements to help me digest foods I still love.

I’m grateful that I’m able to live a mostly normal life despite my intolerance. I’ve grown a lot since my diagnosis and I’m now able to better manage my condition. With the right support, I’ve found the help I needed to live a full and happy life.

-Kai Zhang

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