Iron Deficiency Anaemia: My Journey

Iron Deficiency Anaemia: My Journey

I felt tired all the time and I had no energy. I knew something was wrong but the doctors couldn’t tell me what. I was too weak to even take a walk. It was only then that I got the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia. It was a shock, but I was determined to get better and back to my normal life.

I started taking supplements and got plenty of rest. I changed my diet as well, adding more iron-rich foods such as spinach and red meat. I also started taking some vitamin C which helps my body absorb the iron better. I started to feel a little better after a few weeks and my energy levels slowly increased.

I kept going, and with the help of my friends and family I was determined to get better. I focused on the hope that I would get better and kept pushing forward. I found faith in myself and faith in my doctors that I could get better.

After months of dedication, I was finally feeling strong again. I was so thankful to have made it through this hard time in my life. It definitely wasn’t an easy journey, but I learned so much along the way. I was reminded to always be thankful for the small victories and to never give up on my journey to better health.

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