Ebola Therapy: A Patient’s Perspective

Ebola Therapy: A Patient’s Perspective

I was an Ebola patient, my disease almost took my life away, but I’m fortunate to have made a full recovery.

When I was first brought to the hospital, I was exhausted and bedridden, my fever spiked and barely conscious. As my condition worsened, I was transferred to a specialized Ebola Treatment Unit, where medical staff fought for my life.

My family was terrified, but I was still hopeful. Even though my body was ravaged, I never gave up fighting for my life. My doctors worked around the clock to provide me with the best treatment possible, and I was eventually able to turn the corner and start getting better.

Through the support of the medical staff, their dedication and the relentless effort to save my life, I was able to beat the virus. With each passing day I got stronger and was surrounded with support from my family and the amazing medical staff.

I am now healthy and free of the virus, no longer an Ebola patient. My recovery was almost miraculous, but I know I owe it to my doctors and the incredible care they provided. I’m very grateful to have received the best care and to be given a chance at life—a life I will cherish.

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