Slapped Cheek Syndrome: My Story

Slapped Cheek Syndrome: My Story

I remember it like it happened yesterday. For weeks, my cheeks had been burning and itchy and my eyes were constantly red and watery. I thought summer had come early until my mum presented me with the diagnosis: Slapped Cheek Syndrome. I was scared.

But soon enough it didn’t seem so bad. I stayed in bed for two days, sleeping and eating what I was given. Friends came to visit and I felt better, supported and safe. I realise now that they were helping me get through the virus.

The days went by, and I expected to stay in bed forever, but then I started to feel better. I realised that I had been fighting the disease and was slowly coming out on top. I got out of bed for the first time in days and stepped outside.

The sun felt warm and I breathed in the fresh air. I was alive and recovering. I had made it through my battle with Slapped Cheek Syndrome and I was proud. I celebrated with my friends, family and a big hug from my mum.

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