Conjunctivitis: An Unwanted House Guest

Conjunctivitis: An Unwanted House Guest

My name is Sarah, and it felt like my life had just been turned upside down by a microscopic creature. I had been diagnosed with conjunctivitis and was left feeling helpless, frustrated and exhausted.

It started with a burning sensation in my eyes, then they grew red and swollen. I went to the doctor and they were able to quickly diagnose my condition. I was prescribed eye drops and antibiotics, but the relief was short-lived. I felt like I was walking around with a bull’s-eye on my face, people were giving me strange looks and I knew they were wondering what had happened.

The treatment was difficult, having to apply the eye drops multiple times a day, and I soon started feeling like a prisoner in my own home as I was no longer able to go about my daily activities without worrying about catching an infection or making it worse. I put my plans to go and visit my family on hold, and my job required me to take a few extra sick days and to stay away from people as much as possible.

I had to start wearing sunglasses and a mask when I went outside, which made me feel like I was walking around with a spotlight on me. I could feel people staring and it was a real low point for me. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my summer the way I had planned.

But slowly, I started to feel better as my eyes improved and the redness reduced. I was able to start slowly reintroducing activities into my routine in a safe way and within a few weeks, I was back to my normal life.

Conjunctivitis had been an unwelcome house guest in my life, but I was thankful that I had caught it in time and was able to treat it effectively. I was grateful that I was finally able to go out and enjoy the summer again, and I had learnt an important lesson that I would never forget. If I ever noticed any unusual symptoms in my eyes again, I would make time to go and see a doctor immediately.

Sarah – June 2020

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