Laryngitis: A Personal Tale

Laryngitis: A Personal Tale

I woke up that morning, feeling my throat raw and dry. I knew something was wrong, yet I endured the day. As the week went on, my sore throat only intensified and I eventually had to go to the doctor. The diagnosis: laryngitis.

I felt my weakened and sore vocal cords, wishing for a miracle cure. I had to be quiet for the duration of my treatment, which I found difficult. I often resorted to using hand gestures to communicate.

However, despite all of my efforts to cure laryngitis, I feared the worst. I had lost my voice, and there was no hope of getting it back. The only thing I could do was to find a new way to express myself.

While this experience was despondent, I eventually found new ways to express who I was. Despite my loss, I was able to learn and grow in new ways. Slowly, but surely, I found a new way to speak through action.

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