Feverish Night

Feverish Night

It was a cruel feverish night. My head was spinning, my chest was hot and my throat was burning. I had been feeling weird for days and now I was certain – I had a fever. I was an adult, so I knew I had to take action quickly.

I reached out to my doctor, who gave me some helpful advice. She told me to take ibuprofen and advised me to get plenty of rest. I followed her instructions and took some over-the-counter medicines, too.

After just a few days of following the doctor’s orders, I began to feel much better. I still felt weak but the fever had vanished and my throat felt relieved. I took an extra day of rest, just to make sure I was properly recovered.

It was a tiring experience but I’m thankful that I was able to make it through the feverish night. I’ve learned to not ignore any signs of illness, no matter how subtle, and to always consult a doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

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