Deep Vein Thrombosis Story

Deep Vein Thrombosis Story

At first, my doctor was inclined to believe that I just had a simple case of swollen veins, but further tests revealed that I had deep vein thrombosis. I was immediately put on a course of medications, including a blood thinner to prevent further clots from forming.

In order to make sure the clot wouldn’t get bigger and start to block more arteries, I was also instructed to take it easy and keep my leg elevated when I could. I began to focus more on the well-being of my body: eating better, taking walks, doing yoga, and allowing myself some rest when I needed it.

I was also instructed to wear compression stockings to help reduce the swelling in my leg and to help prevent more clots from forming. I was nervous at first, but it was amazing how quickly I got used to wearing them and how comfortable they became.

Deep vein thrombosis is something that I will have to manage for the rest of my life, but I have been taking steps to keep myself healthy and prevent further complications. With the help of my doctor, I am learning how to live my life in ways that reduce my risk of having further issues with deep vein thrombosis.

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