Splenectomy: A Girl’s Story

Splenectomy: A Girl’s Story

My name is Clare and I recently underwent a splenectomy. I was diagnosed with a spleen condition that was affecting my health – namely, it was enlarged and posed a risk of rupturing. I knew that I had to have the procedure done, but I was still scared of the possible outcome.

The doctor informed me of the risks associated with the spleen removal surgery, but told me it was the best course of action. I took a deep breath and agreed to go ahead with it. During the procedure, I was in and out of consciousness, being put under general anesthesia for the surgery.

Afterwards, I woke up in a daze – my body felt heavy and my stomach ached, but I was glad the worst was over. During the next couple of months, I went through a lot of recovery, feeling weak and exhausted. But, with the help of my family, physical therapy, and plenty of rest, I was on the road to recovery.

Today, I look back on my experience with the splenectomy with some satisfaction. I was able to overcome a really difficult situation and come out healthier and stronger. The experience was scary and difficult, but it taught me a lot about my body and how powerful it can be.

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