Kidney Infection: My Story

Kidney Infection: My Story

My name is Jane and I’m here to share my story of how I survived a kidney infection. I was so scared at first, feeling the painful burning sensation that radiated through my lower back. I could barely move, barely eat, let alone walk. I was scared to death, feeling helpless and so weak.

I was in and out of the hospital, receiving strong antibiotics and fluids to help with the infection. It felt like an eternity until the tests showed that my kidneys started to recover. I felt hopeful and grateful, yet scared of relapse.

Finally, I started to regain my strength and I felt like I would make it through. I couldn’t believe I was still here, despite the fear, the pain and all the moments of despair. It was a long fight, but I made it.

My kidney infection was one of the toughest experiences of my life, but I’m here to tell the story of how I persevered and won the fight.

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