Toothache Agony

My mouth was throbbing with unrelenting pain. I couldn’t eat, drink, or even talk without it becoming unbearable. I had a toothache, and I knew I had to do something about it.

My dentist had been away on holiday, so I had to book in with someone new. Arriving at the dental surgery, I was both embarrassed and embarrassed at the same time. I had put off this visit for months and I was starting to regret it.

The dentist examined my mouth and quickly identified the source of my toothache. I had a decaying molar that was putting pressure on the nerves in my jaw. The dentist told me that I would need a root canal to relieve the pain.

I had to undergo two sessions of root canal treatment to remove the infected tooth. The first session was relatively painless, however, during the second session, the dentist had to drill deeper into my tooth which did sting a little. When it was done I was relieved as the throbbing in my mouth had stopped.

Although I was now pain-free, I was advised to go for regular check-ups and cleanings to avoid any further decay. I took my dentist’s advice and made sure I attended regular appointments.

After a few weeks, I was back to my normal self, feeling no pain and able to eat, drink and talk with ease. I was so thankful for the dentist for helping me with my toothache agony.

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