Osteoporosis: A Girl’s Story

My name is Lillian and I am a girl with Osteoporosis. I was diagnosed two years ago and my life has changed ever since. I used to love going to the beach, running with friends and playing sports. But my diagnosis meant that I had to give up the physical activities I loved and was used to.

With osteoporosis came a lot of pain, struggle and discomfort. I couldn’t do anything without feeling pain in my bones. It was hard to get up in the morning, to even make it through the school day. I started to feel lonely and down, and I would always be tired.

I knew I had to take steps to improve my condition and that’s when I started to focus on my diet. I incorporated more calcium and vitamin D into my meals, cut out processed foods and exercised more gently, like yoga and stretching. I also started to talk to a therapist to help me cope with my mental health issues.

This combination of taking care of my body and my mind allowed me to slowly start to heal. I gained more energy and eventually was able to resume some of the physical activities I loved. My days have improved and I am now able to enjoy life.

I still have to be careful and take care of my health, but I am now more patient with myself and take it one day at a time. I have learnt the importance of looking after my health and I hope to continue living a happy and healthy life.

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